Beirnes Poultry Connection
#44454 Browntown Road, R.R. #2
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"We specialize in getting spent hens out & replacement pullets back in"


About Our Pullets - Since 2002

We, Beirnes Poultry Connection, began growing pullets on our home farm in 2002.

The majority of our pullets grown are Isa (Iza) Brown Pullets. We do grow some other breeds of pullets including Lohmann Brown Pullets, Lohmann White Pullets, and Shaver White Pullets.

Our pullets are floor raised / free run and have a few roosters grown with them. They are de-beaked and vaccinated.


The pullets come to us as day old chicks and we raise them for 19 weeks at which time they are ready-to-lay pullets and begin laying eggs.

Image on left: Our main breed of ISA brown pullet grown.
Breeder's promotional photo.



Home Farm
Beirnes Poultry Connection - Home Farm

Our second location

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